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Pile of wood with dogPiles of wood

We can help with our range of Tajfun Firewood Processors

Chopping wood is back breaking and time consuming work, so let our Firewood Processors do the heavy lifting for you.

Tajfun's Big Brother RCA 400 JOY, RCA 380 and RCA 320 and new for 2013, the Big Red RCA JOY 600, are perfect for Australian hardwoods such as Grey Box, Ironbark, Yellow Box, Blue Gum, Red Gum, Sugar Gum, River Gum, Long Leaved Box, Stringy Bark and Paper Bark.

For more information and pricing contact Typhoon Firewood Technologies on either 03 9852 0254 or 0420 513 883

big brother loading logsbig brother cutting logs

The logs are loaded, cut, then split to four or six ways depending on the size of the log. The split wood falls onto an elevating conveyor and is loaded directly into a truck or trailer.

With its independent hydraulic power the Big Brother Firewood Processors will easily produce between 5 to 9 cubic metres of firewood per hour (dependant on model).

The Big Brother hydraulic lifting table has its own feeding and pulling rollers, so it can easily take logs of the largest size.

The firewood processing machines are cost effective, safe, operator friendly and best of all, highly efficient.

This unique and robust design can be powered by 40 horse power tractor or by the DP-26 Diesel Power Pack.

Big Brother JOY 400 Firewood Processor with Live Deck RN3000

The Big Brother's key features:

  • All basic function buttons of the machine (left and right loading, cutting, splitting, splitting wedge height and postion adjustment, etc.) are located on one single control stick.
  • Electrohydraulic steering using the control stick, which is conveniently located on the front side of the machine.
  • Lattice for sawdust is located between the splitting wedge and the conveyor.
  • Two swinging laps remain in the horizontal position during cutting. Once the log is cut, the laps open and the log falls in to the splitting chute.
  • The cutting chain stops once cutting is complete (with the help of a clutch).
  • Oil cooler is standard, ensuring reliable operation of the macine at higher temperatures.
  • Hydraulic lift of the splitting wedge.
  • Hydraulic log holder.
  • Log loader - optional remote control.
  • Adjustable conveyor speed button conveniently located on the operator's side.
  • Log lifting control, again on the operator's side.
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